Wrapping It Up

I think it’s only right to end this project on List Mark. List Mark represents everything scary about data collection. It’s the dark wing you don’t want to think about….

A Muslim Registry

You may still be saying “So What.” If you are, you’re a savage. But in case you are a savage and need more persuasion that data tracking without our consent…

Oh God. Not my Uber, Man

For my next magic trick, I’ll ruin your ride share service. All of our previous posts have focused on the collection of data. From scraping to angry birds to data…

The OKCupid Case

OKCupid, the online dating site with over 30 million users, get’s pretty personal. It’s sort of the point. You want a great match with someone out there in the internet…

The Identity Economy

Human beings are private. Some are more open than others, but every person has a line. We cover our bodies, we keep secrets, we hide behind sunglasses and white lies….