Wrapping It Up

I think it’s only right to end this project on List Mark.

List Mark represents everything scary about data collection. It’s the dark wing you don’t want to think about. It’s the antidote to the poison data brokers sell us every day, “We only collect info to better market to you.” Yeah, sure.

We have seen the possibility of legally buying a de-anonymized list of Muslims.

It doesn’t stop there though. You can buy a list of Gay people. A list of Depressed people. A list of people who take ADHD medication. It goes on and on and on. These lists are our histories put to pen and paper without or consent or knowledge.

All of these lists were created by third-party tracking services selling data behind your back while you happily fill out your OKCupid profiles, riding in your Uber, while playing Angry Birds.

Fortunes are changing hands. Decisions are being made on these lists. Don’t think for one-second employers stop at your social media. Don’t think for one-second prospective lenders aren’t searching through back-alley data brokerages to see if you are a good bet.

Decisions can and are being made on marketing information that may or may not be true and there is almost nothing you can do about it. You can’t see it, you can’t touch it. Somehow, even though it’s information about you, you have no rights to it.

So in the end, as we sign up for another cool free service, we will forget all this happens. The lists don’t forget.