A Muslim Registry

You may still be saying “So What.”

If you are, you’re a savage. But in case you are a savage and need more persuasion that data tracking without our consent or knowledge or regulation is bad, think of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump ran on a populist agenda. Besides the Wall and lower taxes, the policy point that got his base the frothiest was the banning of Muslim immigration. Trump went way out of his way to let followers of Islam know they are not welcome here.

Without exactly saying it, he clearly wanted to identify Muslims coming towards this country and turn them away. To do so would require some kind of identification process. Again, Trump never explicitly said he would force people to identify themselves as Muslim, but he did band immigration from predominantly Muslim countries.

Furthermore, Trump has said Muslims need to be more tightly controlled. He has pointed to France and Germany as examples of how welcoming Muslims and allowing them free movement will end in death and destruction. He advocates for torture.

A man like this clearly has no boundaries. A man like this has been linked to talks of a Muslim registry. The only solace we take is the wrote statement “How would he even do it?”

Well, it already exists. For the paltry price (in terms of the DOD budget) of $120 per name, you too can be the proud owner of a mildly anonymized list of 1.4 million Muslim households.


Or how about these lists?


Things like “Prime Muslim Prospects” and  “Muslim Households by State” are on sale to literally anyone. As we have covered in a previous post, these lists can be easily de-anonymized with an open source algorithm.


So the next time you wonder what the danger is, remember that Tump could buy himself a perfectly legal list of Muslims for a little under $20 million bucks.