Is Anything Safe – An Angry Bird Tweets into the Abyss.

We have established a bunch of your data is out there on the interwebz without your consent.

We have established that people can and definitely do steal your digital writing and pass it off as their own.

With all this stuff swirling around, you just need to find some chill. I bet when the world gets a little crazy, you like to pull out your phone and play some Angry Birds. Throwing those tiny digital birds at poorly-constructed structures is satisfying. Ahh, I’m safe now.


Get ready for the boss round.

For the TL;DR – Angry Birds has zero chill.

Angry Birds has been acting has a shill for the NSA for who knows how long according to our friend and eternal leak-spouter, Edward Snowden. Apparently Angry Bird’s is capable of sending your location and other user┬ádata from your phone to their extensive data networks for review.

If you are curious, they like to use the term “target”, not “user”.

I bet you didn’t even see that red bird coming at you.